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Design your own Custom "Minimalist Flower Girl" Tattoo with this Inspirational Blog post from Award Winning Canadian

Tattoo Artist,


Owner and Tattoo Artist of

Platinum Tattoo

In Kelowna, BC, Canada.

As professional artists, we don't expect you to be able to draw. And It's also totally ok if you can't find the right words to describe what your vision is. Art is obviously , a very visual thing.

Therefore, when speaking with your artist, the best way to explain what you are wanting to have designed, is through photo references. Visual references with photos, screenshots and drawings (even if the drawing is terrible because you can barely draw stick figures ;)) are the best form of communicating your artistic idea.

The best thing you can do, to prepare for your consultation with your tattoo artist, is really researching the subject matter that you are wanting tattooed.

Take screenshots of everything that you see, that you love. Then in the following days or weeks, re-visit those photos and start to "weed-out" and delete the ones that aren't your favorite.

Eventually over time, you'll have a perfect selection of 3-4 images that really speak to you.

Then at your tattoo consultation, you can easily point out, using your photos as references, what you like, or don't like, about each image or design.

An accomplished artist can easily see the type and style of the artistic elements,

that your favourite photos have in common.

Through using the reference photo your experienced and accomplished tattoo artist will easily be able to visualize your specific custom concept.

I’ve created a hand picked selection of my absolute Favorite, and totally stunning "Minimalist Flower Girl" illustrations. This collection of designs will be excellent for you to find inspiration from, should this minimalistic style of tattoo art speak to you.

If you love these designs, as much as I do, then I hope you use this curated collection , to build your perfect tattoo.

Make sure to screenshot the ones you love, save them on a folder in your phone or computer, then narrow your photos down to your favorite few.

This Delicately lined Butterfly, concealing the woman’s Identity Is both stunning and mysterious.

( The artist of this artwork is Ros Ruseva. Ros Ruseva has a lovely Etsy shop where this gorgeous minimalist drawing is also available for purchase, in high quality fine

art prints. ♥️)

This artwork creates a Bold statement with a single , simple, Large Blossom concealing the Pinup's face 💕

This gorgeous drawing depicts a pinup who looks far more “posh”with the single rose concealing only her hair 💯 it’s a beautiful contrast with a lightly lined robe at the drawings .

A burst of flowers, expanding outwards in a certain direction, gives this artwork an aura of , powerful emotions and thoughts.

You could choose to have your line girl tastefully concealing, her simple, beautiful, nude torso..

Or wearing a delicate piece of clothing, such as a simple wrap or shawl...

Your artist can add extra grey lines to your custom artwork, for gorgeous minimalist detailing.

Selective color in both your artwork, and in your tattoo , can add a stunning focus onto your Favorite areas of the drawing.

One delicate Sprig of flowers, flowing perpendicular to the arm, then framing the face, will keep your line girl looking relaxed and mysterious.

Choosing to have a beautiful burst of flowers exploding from the centre of the models eye area, can portray the model having

a new sudden Vision

or beautiful idea 🔥

Flowers can be lined so they are actually in the Pinup's hair, or held in her hands.

Different model poses can symbolize different emotions. This illustration

Looks strong, proud and reminiscent ...

What would your perfect Minimalist Flower Girl , be feeling?


How do you want to feel, when you look at your new tattoo?

Simply bring in 4 tattoos that you really love, to your experienced tattoo artist, and your artist will be able to match your idea with your perfect tattoo design.

These beautiful illustrations have been hand picked by Canadian Tattoo Artist Bella of Platinum Tattoo in

Kelowna BC Canada.

Please Note:

All of the beautiful drawings shown

Are most likely to be Copyrighted by

their wonderful designers.

You are encouraged

to contact the Original Artist of the illustration to purchase rights to use the artwork in your tattoo, if the artist is willing to do so.

Otherwise , without the explicit consent of the artist, these illustrations are wonderful ideas to show your tattoo artist as Inspiration only.

Pinterest is also an Exceptional resource when looking for amazing art and tattoo ideas. I think that's because it is really easy for artists and tattoo artists to add their artwork and get it out into the sharing community . Definitely give HTTPS:// a click also. ☺️💯

The website allows you to easily “pin” photos into folders , for easy reference. It’s a great place to store your tattoo ideas, so your reference photos don’t take up a ton of available storage space on your device. 🤘🏼💥💯

Try searching

"Line girl tattoo" and "Minimalist Flower Girl tattoo" and put your favorites in a folder ☺️💯

"And just so you know, At my Tattoo Studio, Platinum Tattoo, I would Absolutely Love to Create your very own, Custom, Minimalist Line Girl Tattoo design.

As you can tell I have quite a passion for this style. ;).”

Simply click the link below, and I will begin creating for you, your very own Custom Minimalist Flower Girl Tattoo"


I hope you enjoyed the collection. Thank you so much for reading. If you have thoughts on what style of tattoo I should create a blog post on next, comment in the comments section below!

Much love.



Owner/ Tattoo Artist

Platinum Tattoo

Kelowna, Canada


Canadian Tattoo Artist Bella has over 11 years experience , tattooing in the Professional Tattoo Community.

She has been awarded by her peers for her excellent tattoo work

at several of Canada's Largest Professional tattoo conventions.

Bella opened Platinum Tattoo in Kelowna Canada, 6 years ago. She manages a small , intimate , professional tattoo studio, where she maintains a high level of service for her loyal tattoo clients.

She Specializes in Pinup Tattoos, Portrait Tattoos, Animal Tattoos and Flower Tattoos.

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