You’ve probably got a hundred questions about your piercing or tattoo, and maybe even a few questions why Platinum Tattoo is the tattoo studio for you.


Bella would love to help you out in any way possible. As an Experienced tattoo professional and with over a decade of professional tattooing experience, she has compiled a list of frequently asked questions by her customers — but if you still have something in mind, please dont hesitate to get in touch .

Frequently asked questions


Does it Hurt?

Pain is really relative. Everyone has a different tolerance of pain. It does hurt, just not that much. Some clients refer to it as cat scratches or merely just annoying. It has been said that Heather's "Claim to Fame" is how Gentle she is. Heather has 10 years Professional Tattoo Experience. She runs a "Rotary" tattoo machine which is a new breed of tattoo machines and is Much more gentle than traditional tattooing machines. And if you really want to know if tattoos hurt that badly, just ask Heather. Shes been told shes a big pussy when she gets a tattoo. And she has tons of them. So they really cant be that bad, if shes covered in them ;)

How much is my idea going to cost?

When it comes to tattoos, you really do get what you pay for. (Thats why you buddy is covered in crappy tattoos that were FREE from his neighbor when he picked up his new Ebay tattoo machine for $29.99 ;)) Yes there are people out there that will charge very little. but your tattoos will be sure to reflect that price. When looking at tattoos, look for Quality tattoos and Quality tattoo artwork. This is a piece of art that you will wear for the rest of your life. Its the same principal why some brands of clothes/makeup/jewlery is more expensive than the other. The price is reflected by the items Quality. High Quality items = a Higher Price. Tattoos are Expensive. Not everyone can afford Quality tattoos. But unlike your expensive clothes/ makeup/ car/ boat ect., your tattoos will last forever. If you want a tattoo that looks amazing, it makes sense to invest in your tattoo artwork. For small-medium sized pieces: You can easily give your artist a realistic budget that they can follow For large pieces (ex. sleeves, backpieces ect.) : Because most tattoo artists find the amount of tattoing area, far to large to judge (depending on the complexity of the idea), tattoo artists will instead charge an hourly rate. Most tattoo artists with a high level of tattooing experience, will charge the same amount per hour, per city. Also some tattoo artists may add on a small drawing fee, depending on the complexity of your idea, and the time it took them to work all of the elements of your idea together into an unbelievable work of tattooing excellence, that also accentuates your body's physique.;) It does take a TON of both natural and excercised Artistic Skill , as well as a TON of time being Professionally Trained and Professionally Practicing the Skills of tattooing, for an Artist to be able to create Amazing, and High Quality Tattoo Art. A good way to judge the cost of a tattoo by looking at it is, the more detail / color / hyper-realisticness of a tattoo = the more layers of ink and therefore more tattooing time the tattoo took to complete. Hyper-realistic tattoos do well being seperated into two seperate tattooing sessions. White ink always goes into the skin better, without the area being swollen from the fresh tattooing process.

How many hours should I book?

To get some good ground covered on your sleeve or backpiece you would book your sessions 6 hours or more at a time. If you really want your arm or back done fast you can book 2 or a maximum of 3 full days in a row. Medium sized tattoos are about 3-4hours (1/2 a !/2 sleeve) and small tattoos can be anywhere from 45 minutes- 2 hours.

Should I book a Tattoo if I'm sick?

Absolutely not. If you have a cold or flu, your immune system is down and it will take much longer to heal a tattoo. Plus you dont want to risk passing on your cold/flu to your tattoo artist. If Bella gets sick, she can not go to work. Also, If you are on antibiotics, Bella advises that you wait until they are finished taking the antibiotics, to book a tattoo, as there is the possibility of your body rejecting the tattoo ink, and pushing the ink out of your fresh tattoo. (Most likely depending on the strength of the antibiotics) So its definitely better to be safe, than sorry.

Is it Safe?

Absolutely. Artist Bella only uses the Best and Highest Quality Professional Tattoo Supplies from the Top Canadian Tattoo Suppliers. That means that all of her supplies and Guaranteed Sterile and backed as such from her Professional Tattoo Suppliers and Manufacturers. Bella uses 100% brand new tattooing equipment, on each and every tattoo client. She will set up professionally in front of you, having you oversee her take her brand new, sterile and sealed equipment/tattooing needles out of their sterile packaging, and dispose of all items afterward. (You dont have to watch her take the tattoo needles out of the packaging if you are feeling nervous. It is however, an offer of Bella's professional tattooing service, to view this if you choose) Bella has gone above and beyond the current tattoo industry standards and studied "Safe and Sterile Tattooing Techniques" with leading tattoo industry professionals at SAIT. She is certified in safe and sterile tattooing practices. She also teaches apprentice tattoo artists these vital practices of preventing cross-contamination Bella is comitted to diligently uphold, the highest level of sterility, at all times in her tattooing space, including before, during and after, your tattooing process.

How do I know if I've chosen the right tattoo artist?

To create your perfect tattoo and a tattoo that you will absolutely LOVE, this next point is critical... "Always choose a tattoo artist who you admire their tattoo work, in the same style, that you want to get for your own tattoo." For example, if you want to get a Rad lettering tattoo, choose a tattoo artist whom you admire their lettering tattoos. If you want an amazing lion tattoo, dont go to a tattoo artist because they do amazing pin up girls... do you see what were sayin?

How do I book an appointment?

To create your Perfect tattoo, including an easy breezy tattoo day, there are certain pieces of information that we need to recieve from you. All of these important questions are listed on our Convenient "TATTOO IDEA FORM" Artist Bella will review your tattoo idea , as soon as her tattooing schedule permits, and contact you to discuss your idea with you.

Im part way through my First big tattoo, and its an entire sleeve. How do I know if my tattooist is tattooing fast or slow?

If a tattooist has been professionally tattooing for 5 years or more, you shouldnt worry. After tattooing full time professionally for 5 or more years, all tattoo artists with about this amount of experience or more, tattoo at almost exactly the same rate of speed. This is because there is a maximum amount of speed an afrtist can have while tattooing. This is because when the tattlo artist moves his hand over the skin too fast, the needles will just skip over the skin like a rock skipping over water. Which will cause the tattoo to heal with dotted lining and patchy shading. Tattooists with less than 5 years full time tattooing experience may tattoo at a variety of different paces and their tattooing rates should be set to reflect their skill level, and make up for any extra time they take while tattooing.

How old do I have to be to get a Tattoo?

Legally you need to be 18 years old to sign a standard tattooing waiver. Or Bella will accept 16 years old with parent consent and parent present at the time of your tattoo. This means that you parent, aka Mom or Dad (not step Mom, step Dad, Aunt , Cousin, Grandparents ect.) or your Legal Guardian (the person who can legaly sign a legal document for you) must sign in person at the tattoo studio, as well as be present for your Entire tattooing appointment. If your legal guardian is not Mom or Dad, please be prepared to show your Legal Guardian's court appointed form of legal guardianship.

Im part way throuh a Multi-session tattoo. My friend have says their tattoo artist would do it cheaper. Should I go see them instead to finish it?

Firstly, you need to remember that tattooing is a buisness. Every tattoo artist that wants or needs more buisness is going to say that they can do your tattoo better, faster and cheaper. Tattooing buisnesses are in competition with each other. Whether or not they can actually do what they say, is another story. In reality, If you find yourself asking this question, there is a MAJOR FACT YOU ATE MISSING. " ABSOLUTELY NO ONE, BUT YOUR TATTOO ARTIST , CAN TATTOO THE AMAZING CUSTOM DESIGN THAT THEY HAVE CREATED FOR YOU." This is because Your tattoo has been created CUSTOM for you with THEIR mind. The way they will DRAW IT, PLACE IT and SHADE YOUR TATTOO is UNIQUE TO YOUR ARTIST Alone. If you think that you can go to the artist down the street and get the same design, you are WRONG. Each artist creates designs Unique to their CREATIVE ABILITIES , TATTOOS WITH THEIR OWN UNIQUE STYLE AND HAS THEIR OWN LEVEL OF TECHNICAL TATTOOING SKILL. so NO, you can not just go down the street and get the same tattoo art, let alone, get the same custom tattoo art for Faster and Cheaper. That is a Lie. Even a small simple tattoo, when tattooed by two different tattoo artists, will look different after being tattooed. You chose your tattoo artist for a reason. You love their style. You know that they are talented. You need to stick with your artist so they can complete your perfect tattoo for you. With large tattoos that take multiple sessions to complete, your tattoo artist will have spent a lot of time for you already, researching your tattoo idea, planning how to lay the tattoo out on the area of your body that you have chosen, and a ton of time drawing up the perfect custom piece for you. If your artist cares that much about giving you an amazing tattoo, and they have put in several hours of behind the scenes time, consulting with you, booking you, preparing tattoo supplies for you, drawing your tattoo and a session or two tattooing you, it would be a very large slap in the face to turn around and go to some other artist because an uneducated person has misled you to think that another artist is capeable of the same art. ART IS SPECIFIC TO EACH ARTIST. THIS INCLUDES THE ART THEY CREATE, THE STYLE IT IS TATTOOED, HOW IT FEELS GETTING TATTOOED, AND HOW YOUR FINISHED TATTOO LOOKS WHEN IT IS HEALED. If you see a large, multi session tattoo on the internet, NO OTHER TATTOO ARTIST can CREATE art exactly like that, but the artist who tattooed it. Sure you can have an artist do their best to copy a tattoo, but large Custom tattooing comes from the mind and the skills of the tattoo artist that created it. Each person's mind is different and created tattoo art with different tattoo ideas. Besides, if you jump ship and switch tattoo artists, part way through your multi-session tattoo, you will end up with your next artist not having a clue what some of your lines or shaded bits are supposed to be. This will take your new tattoo artist, a hell of a lot more time to complete, than if they had started the entire tattoo in the first place. And you will end up paying your second artist for the extra time it takes them, to figure out how to match the original artists shading and to somehow creatively continue with or possibly cover over these mystery lines, and/or shading. So make sure to Do the right thing MORALLY and the right thing FOR YOUR WALLET and stick with the artist you have chosen. Your friend is unfortunately very, very mistaken.

How do I know if my tattoo is healing well?

Bella will have went through your tattoo aftercare instructions with you. The tattoo aftercare is also posted on our website here. 1) Follow your aftercare. Keep your tattoo moist, wear no clothing over it, no swimming for 2 weeks and no sun for a month. 2)Click on the next section of this FAQ page on "Tattoo Aftercare" 3) When in doubt, dont hesitate to text Bella at 7787471994 and she can answer any questions that you may have :)

Can you tattoo over scars?

Yes. But it does depend how old the scars are. *The general rule is that if your scar is a "pink" color, your tattoo most likely wont stick. Meaning your scar is still to young and fresh and unfortunately, will most likely actually "heal out" your tattoo. The exception to this, is that depending on a persons skin tone, some scars never turn another color except pink. Therefore if your scar is pink but also at least 3 years old, Bella will agree to tattoo over it. If your scar is "white" in color , it should be able to be tattooed and have the tattoo be permanent. Alhough sometimes it may take two seperate tattooing sessions for the scar to be able to hold ink. (*These are general rules only and apply to the average population.)

I only want a really tiny tattoo, what is the cheapest tattoo that you will book?

Small tattoos may appear to take very little time, but they still use the same about of sterile set up supplies as a large tattoo. Bella only carries the highest quality professional tattooing supplies from the top professional tattoo supply companies in Canada. These superior professional tattooing supplies, are essential, to create high quality tattoo art. Almost all tattoo artists have a "minimum charge". An artist sets a minimum charge to guarantee that their tattoo price, is high enough to cover the cost of the supplies that they use for it. The "minimum charge" is set to cover an artist's base supplies for the tattoo. supplies such as sterile needles, barrier covers, ink, gloves, and also factor in a small charge, for the artist's time tattooing the piece. Bella only carries the highest quality professional tattooing supplies from the top professional tattoo supply companies in Canaa. These superior professional tattooing supplies are essential, to create high quality tattoo art. Whether the tattoo is big or small, you want a high quality tattoo. Afterall, tattooing is a permanent procedure. And your tattoo, which ever quality you choose, is with you for life! Bella charges at a standard hourly rate of $150 / hour . Or, she offers 45 minutes Total Studio time for $100, and you can get as many tattoos as you want in that 45minutes total studio time. Bella is very fast. For example, on one client she tattooed a small rose on her sternum, a tattoo behind the clients ear, a few script words acroos the clients bicept and a tattoo on the clients wrist. All in 45 minutes total studio time. Her client came in with her references printed and the proper size that she was wanting. It is recomended, to make the most out of your booked studio time, that you bring your tattoo references printed, and to the size that you are wanting them. This saves you and Bella time in studo and therefore, saves you money and allows you to get more tattoos! If you do not have a printer, Staples offers same day printing services, and walk-in printing services where you are able to print from your cellphone, tablet or computer. If you are from out of town and staying in a hotel, most hotels have printing services through the front desk or business room. To be clear, Bella does not want to be paid $100 for 5 minutes of tattooing time. Bella requires that you get a minimum of $100 in tattoos to cover the cost of the high quality professional tattooing supplies used during the process of your tattoo. Please make sure that you have at least $100 in tattoos planned and prepared.

I want to get my sleeve done as fast as possible, how many days in a row can i book?

You can be tattooed up to 3 days in a row, before the tattooed area of the first day begins to peel. Depending on where the peeling area is , it may make tattooing the remaining area of your sleeve, destructive to your new tattoo. Afterall, you are to avoid anything rubbing on your healing skin, and your artist will be pouring water over and wiping ink off the area being tattooed. Bella does Not want to wipe off your 4 day old healing tattoo . So it is best to book 3 days in a row, then wait two weeks to book again for any areas close by. The first day will be focused a lot on sizing the drawings that Bella has made for you, creating stencils that fit your arm, placing the stencils where they highlight your best assets, freehanding in your foreground and background to link all your kiler drawings together and then finally beginning to tattoo. Days 2 has the advantage of all your designs Already being laid out, allowing the maximum amount of tattooing time. Bella loves Day 2 and Day 3 , during a large tattoo's creation. She states, "Its When you really see all your designing come to life across your clients skin. When all the seperate ideas and drawings become a Masterpiece!!"

Do you do Coverups?

Yes, Bella does amazing coverups. Bella has worked beside some of the top artists in Western Canada. These amazing tattoo artists and the ways that they approach coverup tattoos, greatly influence her Coverup techniques. Bella enjoys fixing up old tattoos, as well as covering up unwanted tattoos with amazing tattoos that her clients will love for the rest of their lives. Life is too short to hate your skin. Send Bella a photo of your hated tattoo and book an appointment today to create something tattooart that you will absolutely cherish!

Do you do Walk-in Tattoos?

Bella does NOT do Walk-in tattoos. However, Bella DOES leave time every day, at the end of her booked day, between 6-10pm for SAME DAY TATTOO APPOINTMENTS. When enquirng to book a Same Day appointment: 1) The very best way to get in touch with Bella during studio hours, is to Text her on the studio phone line at 778 747 1994. Please allow time for her to respond as she will be the only person in the studio, and she will be tattooing. 2) Send any references that you may have to CreateMyBestTattoo@gmail.com Include: - WHERE on your body you want the tattoo -Rough SIZE -your BUDGET (if you happen to have one) -what HOURS you are available for today (and the hours you are available for the next few days, if at all applicable) -Any other DETAILS Bella needs 3) Bella will respond and give you an "about" time. As this is a last minute tattoo appointment, you will need to wait , until the tattoos that have been booked with advance notice, are done. (ex. Bella will say "I can get you in between 7-9pm, I will text you when i am finished the tattoo that I am working on". This does not mean go to the studio. Please wait for her text. Tattoos can easily run behind. Unfortunately this is not a guarantee that she can get you in. But this IS Bella's BEST effort at doing so! Any tattoos that need more than 5 minutes drawing time need to be booked in at least a day prior. Please do NOT fill out a "Tattoo Idea Form" on this website, for last minute / same-day bookings. Please continue to go on with your day, especially if you are visiting from out of town! Bella will make sure to give you enough notice to safely get to the studio before your appointment. If by some chance she ends up not being able to get you in, she does not want to have ruined your evening by waiting for her. We can not stess this enough. PLEASE GO ON WITH YOUR PLANS. Please do NOT repeatedly Call or Text the studio over and over . Asking things like (Are you done? We ready? So Im down the street? So I know you havent texted, but Im outside your location." ect. ) This will only frusterate the tattoo artist and hurt your chances of getting in, over other clients who are more respectful of the artists time. Please remember. Bella is tattooing. She can NOT be answering the phone unless she is finished or on break. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerly.


How old do you need to be to get a piercing?

There are no specific age laws in BC, therefore it is up to the Tattoo / Piercing Studio to decide what they deem as appropriate. If you have any questions about this, please contact Bella directly. Minimum age with parent consent and parent present during the entire appointment Ear lobes 8-16 years of age Ear Cartilidge (ex. Daith, Conch, Tragus, Industrial ) 14- 16 years of age Naval (belly button) piercings 14 - 16 years of age Face piercings (ex. Lip, Nose, Eyebrow) 14-17 years of age Must show Id for both your child and yourself. We hope for you to provide , at minimum, a birth certificate of your child's and photo ID for yourself. If your last names do not match then your name must be on their birth certificate or a change of name certificate, marriage certificate or legal guardianship document must be provided. This is set only to protect your children from getting piercings without your consent. If you have any questions or problems with the above ID requirements, please contact Bella directly with a list of Identification that you can provide for yourself and your child. She will review the ID you can provide and she will accomodate you ,the best she can, while considering your specific circumstance.
Minimum age without parent consent Ear lobes, Ear Cartilidge (ex. Daith, Tragus, Conch, Industrial) , Naval (bellybutton) piercing, are 16 years of age. We feel that if you are old enough to drive, then you are old enough to get these types of piercings without your needing your parents accompanyment. All above piercings without parent consent must show some sort of photo ID such as a drivers licence with your photo and birth date. If you do not have a drivers licence than any type of photo ID (ex. school ID) with a bith certificate will suffice. Must be 18 years of age or older for tongue piercing, face piercings (ex. Lip, Nose, Eyebrow) without parent consent, nipple piercings and any piercings in private areas of the body.

Do I need an appointment to get a Piercing?

Bella is a Full time Tattoo Artist, therefore, yes it is best to text / email the studio to set up a piercing appointment. The studio phone number for texts is 778 747 1994. The studio email is PlatinumTattoo@hotmail.com Subject. Piercing appointment. Please send what you are wanting pierced, your age, your ID, and your Availability including weekday times. We are listing Texts and Emails as the best to make an appointment, as Bella can easily read these on her small (very short) intermittent breaks, while tattooing and send you back the absolute quickest response, with available open times for your piercing.

How do you not pass out when getting a piercing?

It is very important to keep your blood sugar levels at appropriate levels before a piercing. Always eat a meal before both a piercing or tattoo. Stay relaxed, dont get tense / worked up / sick to your stomach feeling. Its only a quick, sharp, pinch and it is never as bad as you think it will be. Bring you own large bottle of water to the studio and stay hydrated before, during and after the piercing process.

How long after taking a piercing out, do you have to wait to get it re-pierced?

The area needs to be fully healed before re piercing. This usually means waiting at least 3 months. It does depend on the person and the area. If you have questions, please contact Bella directly at CreateMyBestTattoo@gmail.com with your piercing questions and photos of your current piercing area.

Do you Sell Body Jewelry?

Yes Bella has an awesome selection of Body Jewelry for sale! Currently we have -Gorgous Mini Barbells for Cartilidge Piercings (Helix, Tragus, Conch). -Segment rings (continuous hoops) in both 16g and 14g for your lip, Eyebrow, Ear lobe, Mens nipple and Cartilidge piercings. -Horseshoes with balls and Horseshoes with spikes for Lip piercings, Earlobes and Mens nipples. -Labret studs (Lip studs) with Beautiful, Sparkling, AAA Zirconia ends that are also internally threaded to prevent the end from loosening by accident. All Bella's jewelry is Implant Grade Surgical Steel or Implant Grade Titanium. Prices are fair and range from $25-$35 per piece. Our Body Jewelry selection can be viewed on our Google listing here! Then click "Products".

Tattoo Care

Why does it look like my tattoo is peeling off?

There are 2 stages for healing tattoos. Stage 1 = the first layer of skin dies and flakes off. You will see large flaking chunks of skin molting off your tattoo in black and/or in color. DO NOT PANIC. This is simply a normal part of the tattoo healing process. Your new tattoo is under the peeling layer, even if it doesnt appear to be.

Why does my new tattoo look scarred and faded?

There are 2 Stages to the Tattoo Healing Process. STAGE 2= After your tattoo has flaked in large chunks, it will appear faded, possibly even appearing scarred. DO NOT PANIC. This is a normal part of the healing process and simply means your tattoo needs to begin its second peel. It is Normal for your new tattoo to appear this way from 4 DAYS to 10 DAYS, after your tattoo appointment. Also, 1) Bella's ink is of the highest professional quality that you can buy. It is the darkest professional tattoo ink that is available to purchase. 2) Bella has also been professionally tattooing for over a Decade. And 95% of Bella's Professional tattoo portfolio are photos of 100% HEALED tattoos. Therefore we guarantee that she will not "scar" you, and she does not use a low quality tattoo ink. The only way that your tattoo can become faded, is by not Diligently adhering to your tattoo aftercare. For tattoos that are 1day to 3 weeks old: LOTION: Keep diligently appying lotion 3-4 times per day. CLOTHING: Avoid tight and abrasive clothing / jewelry over the area. WATER: Continue abstaining from submerging your new tattoo in water. And Continue having quick showers only, limiting the amount of time that your new tattoo is exposed to water. Your new tattoo is always the last thng you wash in the shower and he first thing you pat dry. SUN: Avoid exposing your new tattoo to the suns harmful UV rays. The suns rays will cause a Bleaching effect to your new tattoo. FULLY COVER YOUR NEW TATTOO with loose soft clothing for 1 month after your tattoo date. HIGH SPF Sunscreen will NOT suffice, fully cover your tattoo with clothing , or a lay a towel over it , when on the beach.

It has been 3 weeks since I was tattooed. Why is my tattoo not as dark, as the first day it was first tattooed?

Your body will have healed a new layer of skin between the tattoo ink and the air . That is why your tattoo can never heal as dark as the day that it was tattooed. Persons with lighter tones of skin or persons with relatively dry skin will temporarily cause their ink to appear more like a dark grey tone, instead of a dark black tone, until they apply lotion to their tattoo. If this is you, and you have a light tone of skin and/or experience dry skin regularly, try it out! Lotion your tattoo and take note how it changes to a rich dark black tone!

What does a normal tattoo look like during the healing process?

Day 1- Day 3 Your tattoo will look similar to te day it was done. Any redness around the tattooed area will begin to subside. Day 4 - Day 8 Your tattoo will begin to raise and appear to form a thick layer. DO NOT PANIC. The first layer of skin simply dies and peels off. Your new tattoo will be under this layer, even if it does not appear to be. It will molt, in thick chunks or in large moist flakes (in black or in color) Flaking off all over your tattooed area. Day 9 - Day 21 our tattoo will appear faded or possibly even appear scarred. DO NOT WORRY. This simply means that your tattoo is about to peel the second time. Your tattoo will peel similar to what you experience when you get a bad sunburn. Your skin will peel in thin white rolling flakes. Continue to lotion 3- 4 times per day, otherwise this stage can last months to complete. For photos of normal healing tattoos , during the healing process please check out the articles by Authority Tattoo at www.AuthorityTattoo.com

How do I know if my tattoo is healed?

You will know that your tattoo is healed, when you run your hand across the tattooed area and you can not feel any bit of raised skin or texture at all. You will not be able to feel your new tattoo at all. This stage will be at least 1.5 weeks from the date you were tattooed. It is normal to be healed anywhere from 1.5 weeks to 3 weeks after your tattoo date. Your bodys natural healing process and its speed depends on several factors such as diet, amount of sleep, excercise, diligently following your tattoo care and overall health. Try feeling your tattoo with your eyes closed. Cant feel anything? Congrats!!! Your Healed!!!!

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