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Artist Bella has been working in the tattoo industry for 10 years and Specializes in Pinup and Portrait tattoos! Check out her gallery!

Viking Sleeve Tattoo

- The Viking God "Odin", Viking ship, Storm, Waves and Lightning Tattooed .

"Matt came in studio and asked me to make him up a sick Viking sleeve. He previously had a wing tattooed at the top of his upper arm.  Matt gave me a lot of free play with this tattoo. I ran a few loose ideas by him and he okayed them. and this is what I made him! :) I designed this piece Utilizing all of the large open areas of his arm effectively!

Tattoo Artists are the "body-artists".


A good tattoo artist will know how to use the area of the body that they are working on and how to place/draw on the images effectively.I highly suggest giving your talented tattooist as much free play as they need to lay out a piece of body-art on you effectively.


This piece highlights Matt's muscles and makes his arm look manly, strong and muscular.

It is the way that I placed the images, the images I chose, the way I sized them and what I drew on his arm that led to that.

Its a lot of experience in my craft that creates that perfect fit! :)

I specialize in making men look manly and muscular and women look lean, and feminine. Tattoos shouldn't cover up your muscles, they should highlight them! :)


**This video shows Matt's arm unfinished. We have finished his sleeve now but I have yet to track him down for another video:) Maybe This post will bring him in ;) lol!


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Nature themed 1/2 sleeve.

Moon, Mountains, Lake, Flowers, Row Boat.

-"Zoe came in studio and asked for a nature-themed upper arm piece. She simply dictated to me a list of elements that she wanted incorporated into her tattoo.(eg. mountains, lake, row boat etc.) And This is what I made for her! :)

  I drew up the base sketch and placed it on her arm. I remember a lot of the design stencil coming off, so I ended up free-handing almost the entire tattoo. That was perfect anyways. This is because tattoos flow much better on the body when they are freehanded as opposed to stencilled .

  We split the tattoo up into 2 sessions. Zoe sat like a champ :)

  Half healed and half fresh ink in this video.The mountains are fresh in this video, which is why they are pink-is in color. The mountains healed a beautiful soft grey shade :)

  No-touchups. Thanks for looking!"



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Vancouver and Kelowna BC Canada

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