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Each Tattoo Appointment includes:

-100% Brand New, Sterilized, One-time-use, Premium Professional Tattooing Needles

-100% Brand New, Sterilized, One-time-use, Premium Tattooing Needle Tubes

-100% Brand New, Sterile, One-time-use, Professional ,Premium Vegan Tattooing Ink and Color Pigment

-100% Brand New, Sterile ,One-Time-Use, Professional. Premium Barrier Supplies ( Gloves, Machine covers ect.)

-1hour professional drawing time

By booking below, you acknowledge that you have read the "Platinum Tattoo Deposit Policy".


Please Note:


Platinum Tattoo Does NOT  and Will Never Confiscate or Take a Client’s Tattoo Deposit. 

All Tattoo Deposits are 100% Valued in Tattoo Credit.

They are not redeemable for Cash.

All Platinum Tattoo Deposits have No Expiry.

Platinum Tattoo and Artist Bella DO NOT ever want to keep your Deposit and not Tattoo you. That wouldn’t make sense.

Bella wants to give you, the Best Tattoo you have ever Dreamed of.

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2021 B.P.