All Styles of Tattoo Art 

Bella is extremely loyal to all her clients and custom tailors each client’s experience to be unique, memorable and personal. She knows that the specifics and details of each of your needs are both unique and extremely important.


Bella's commits herself to a high standard of professionalism and artistic excellemce.

Bella has a skill for creating an instant connection with her clients, listening and understanding their unique design ideas, and the meanings behind those ideas, then interpreting those ideas into an award winning artwork that not only meet, but also surpass her many client expectations on their tattoo design and in her extremely skilled tattooing application.

Her Excellent artistic designs and her open-minded attitude reflects the special personal connection that's formed with all of her clients.


Bella is ready to turn your Vision into your Perfect work of art.


Black and Grey Tattoos

Bella Enjoys both Black and Grey and color tattoos equally. She has a natural ability to create, not only excellent, but also award winning tattoo art, in both styles.


Color Tattoos

Bella displays equally excellent artistic skills in her tattoo's shading as well as in its contrast. This can be seen in both her black and grey tattoos as and in her color tattoos.


Hard Outlining

Depending on the style of tattoo that you prefer, it will either be composed Entirely of Hard Tattoo Outlining or Composed of  Very Few outlines.

Bella is very skilled at both styles.


Bella loves to create tattoo art with both thick and thin styles of linework creating very detailed pieces of tattoo art.


No Outlines

Bella also enjoys creating Soft Edged Realistic Works of Tattoo Art that encompass very few Hard outlines to even no outlining at all.



Highly Detailed Realism

This is Bella's Specialty, and one of her Absolute Fave styles! Bella has won awards for Best Tattoo of the Day and Best Black and Grey tattoo, from the Tattoo industry's top Professional Tattoo artists, at Canada's Largest Professional tattoo conventions.



Simple and Powerful Designs. 

Give Bella your idea and she will create an absolutely excellent design for you.

Make sure you check out Bella's Blog post on "50 Ideas for Minimalist Designs" all of which were tattooed by herself ;)

“Our bodies were printed as blank pages
to be filled with the
ink of our hearts
― Michael Biondi