Your Tattoo Day



Your Tattoo drawings and or sketches will be ready for your appointment day and time.

Extra time booked for sizing and and any alterations. 

Please note, No matter how "ready" a drawing/sketch is, extra time will always be needed for freehand design (so that your tattoo properly fits your body), as well as for your piece to work in perfectly with any other existing tattoos you already have in close proximity.

Your artist will be adding your fine details the day of your tattoo, under your guidance, and as to your preference.

Then afterward taking time in preparing the drawing for application as a stencil

and sizing/fitting your artwork for your body with you and as to your preference.

This ensures your artwork is truly attuned to you! :)  

And perfectly fitted for that perfect piece of Body Art! :)

All of these steps do take time ;)

PLEASE make sure to Always allow extra time for your artist, Especially on the first day of a large tattoo! :) 

The time taken is well worth it! :)


Always eat a Real Meal before you come. Your body will be under stress. Eating a meal beforehand will help your body . You can take a normal dose of any antiinflamatory such as iboprofen or naproxen (no Asprin) and bring some with too your appointment. 



Bring snacks or a light meal and anything you would like to drink .

Absolutely NO NUTS (Please read your ingredients).

You can also bring headphones if you like (so you can listen to your own music), a pillow, comfy clothes, or even a blanket.... Be sure to get comfy ;)



You can purchase Lubriderm Unscented as well as Unscented Liquid Antibacterial Soap , beforehand, for use on your tattoo as aftercare.

Both items can be bought at mostly any Drugstore or Safeway. 

You will need it for the next day Before you take off your wrap. 

Your artist will make sure to go through all the tattoo care steps with you at the end of your tattoo session, as well as give you a care sheet to take home.

Please follow your artists instructions exactly. 

Aftercare instructions are specific to the tattoo, including the amount the skin is tattooed and the area of the body tattooed. Therefore, Do not listen to your friends as to what they have done for their tattoos. For example, a lightly shaded arm tattoo will have completely different care needs than a highly detailed rib tattoo.

Listen to your artists care instructions only. 

If you have any questions ask your artist instead of asking anyone else.

Your artist knows best.


Meet at the start time, (no earlier). Coming far to early for your appointment only puts pressure on your artist. Tattoo Set ups often take much longer when a client is early and asking questions throughout it . Proper tattoo set up is very important and also key for a perfect tattoo ;) Please come only at your tattoo time and let your artist concentrate while setting up :) Afterward you will review the details and go over your sketch with your artist.


For larger and more complex tattoos

Once things are fine tuned together and extra details decided on, please make a plan too grab a coffee or eat a light meal while your artist finishes up your design and stencil

Patience is key for the perfect piece of art :)



Please Do not make plans for after your tattoo. 

Please Make sure to make time for your artist, just as they do for you.

Your tattoo artist has already put in a ton of time for you before your appointment. They have consulted with you, scheduled you, meticulously cleaned the studio for you, as well as ordered and stocked all of the supplies needed for your tattoo appointment. So in return, make sure to give your artist the same the respect and dedication that they have shown you.

Please Do not rush your artist.

After all, it is your idea, and your piece of art forever. so definitely expect extra time to be taken to go over any of your personal preferences on the day your tattoo is started. It only serves you, and gives you a better suited and completely custom piece of art! :)

Follow Up

Make an appointment on the way out to meet up with your artist for healed pictures. It should be healed enough in 2-3 weeks from the time of your tattoo. Meeting up for pics can be casual and will only take a few minutes out of your day. This way your artist can enjoy a photo of their artwork, and we are

sure you will enjoy your tattoo for a lifetime!

Thankyou so much for reading! :)

We're very much Looking Forward to your Tattoo Day!

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