Simple Mountain Tattoos

Updated: Apr 3

This past summer, I must have tattooed 20 simple minimalist mountain designs. 🙂

Little mountain tattoos are a great way to commemorate a fun trip to Kelowna with family or friends. They also show off your great love

For the outdoors and for nature.

As a tattoo artist for the past decade, I'm sure it would be easy to tattoo the same style rose or the same style mountain tattoo, but where is the fun in that?? As well, I'm sure I wouldn't grow very much as an artist.

I really enjoy looking over other artists designs. They open my mind to tons of possibilities and design ideas of my own.

Here is a little collection of inspiring mountain tattoos. I hope they inspire you as much as they do for me 🙂💥💯

I think my favorite of these designs in the tiny little realistic mountain tattoo scenes in the geometric border shapes! 😊💯

What's your favorite style?

Do you have an amazing little mountain tattoo ? If so, add it in the comment box below! 🙂


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