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Romantic couple tattoos

Are you and your partner looking

for a unique and meaningful way

to show your love for each other?

Couples tattoos

are a great way

to express your bond

and commitment to one another,

as well as

a fun and creative way,

to show off your love!


From matching designs,

to complementary symbols,

there are endless possibilities

when it comes to finding …

your absolutely perfect

couples tattoo!


Whether you’re already married ...

or just starting out

on your relationship journey,

here are some

of the best tattoo ideas

for amazing couples ,

that will be sure

to make a statement!


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1. Matching Initials:

One of the most popular

couples tattoo ideas

is to get

matching initials

of each other’s names.


You can choose

to get a single letter

on each arm …

or an entire name on one arm.


2. Matching Symbols:

Matching symbols

are a great way

to create a unique

and meaningful

couples tattoo.

Whether you choose

to get intricate arrows,

a rad freehanded vine ,

That flows from one partners body,

And continues onto the next,

or a single

Minimalist tattooed


these symbols

are a great way

to express your love

for one another.


3. Coordinating Tattoos:

If you and your partner

don’t want to get

completely matching tattoos,

then consider getting

coordinating designs.


From perfectly paired designs,

Such as a ship and a lighthouse,..

Where this lighthouse’s light beam,

Is leading the ship “safely home”,

to a pair of

cute custom drawn

“His and hers”

sugar skulls ,

there are plenty of designs

that will look great

when placed together.


4. Special Dates:

Another great

couples tattoo idea,

is to get each other’s

special dates tattooed.

Whether it’s the

date of your first kiss,

the day you got married,

or the day you met,

these dates will be a reminder

of your love for each other.


5. Quote Tattoos:

For an extra special

couples tattoo,

consider getting

matching quote tattoos.

Whether it’s a line

from a favorite song ...

or a quote from a book,

these tattoos are a great way ...

to express your love ...

and commitment to each other.


Whatever design you choose,

couples tattoos

are a great way

to show your love

and commitment to each other.

Whether you choose

a matching design

or a coordinating one,

these tattoos will surely

be a lasting reminder

of your love and bond.

Much love

to all of you

beautiful couples!

Written by award winning Canadian tattooist

Artist Bella

of Platinum Tattoo

In beautiful Kelowna, Bc, Canada



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