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55 Hypnotic moon tattoos, you will Crave.

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

55 Hypnotic Lunar tattoos you will crave
written by Kelowna tattoo artist Heather Gellately

Create your Perfect Moon tattoo,

with these Amazing Lunar tattoo ideas!

So you've decided you want a gorgeous moon tattoo!

softly shaded moon tattoo

There are several different "styles" of tattooing to choose from , such as minimalist, geometric, traditional and realistic.

This article will give a few examples of each, so that you can communicate which style you prefer to your tattoo artist.

simple minimalist moon tattoo design line drawing

Are you naturally drawn to simplistic, silhouette styles of art?

simple small moon tattoo behind womans ear

Artwork that is drawn simple ..

simple moon line tattoo on womans ribs

and can feature a unique texture...

soft black and grey shaded moon tattoo on womans chest sternum

Or creative design...

minimalist lies tattoo design drawing planet moon symbol astrology lunar planet planets

Minimalist moon tattoos often feature only a single, simple, small crescent moon .

simple minimalist minimal line lines lines tattoo moon and sun drawing design art

Minimalist lunar tattoos are absolutely perfect for a simple ...

simple small classy moon forearm tattoo lightly shaded with small stars

and elegant tattoo .

moon and wave small simple tattoo design art idea inspo
moon and wave tattoo drawing

moon and vine tattoo small simple lines lining outline idea

Pointalism :

This stunning crescent moon was created using only the tiniest of tattooed "dots" . This style of artwork is called pointillism .

small soft shaded moon tattoo on shoulder collarbone for a woman girl

By creating a perfect tattoo design and employing their highest skills as well as an ultra refined attention to detail , a "pointillism" tattoo artist is able to create a stunningly perfect, blended shade by tattooing only the finest of tattooed "dots"

simple pointilism dotted dotwork moon tattoo idea drawing sketch inspo

As a bonus , this style of tattooing hurts very little as it is only created with tiny, easy to handle dots of tattooed ink!


simple shaded soft black and grey moon crescent tattoo on female arm


This simple shaded crescent moon has a beautiful smooth shade and high impact ultra 3-D appearance.

Tattoos such as these , take very little time , as they are created using only a shader for a tattoo tool . Without the need for a lining process , Tattoos using only a shading tattoo machine, will greatly speed up to Tattooing in process .

And considering most tattoo artists price their tattoo art by the time in which it takes to complete the Tattoo, you will get an extremely stunning , smooth Tattoo , for a minimal amount of money!


unique moon and wave watercolor tattoo on womanswrist
unique moon and wave tattoo


Add a twist and jazz up your design with abstract lines ...

simple minimalist watercolor moon and wave lunar tattoo on womans bicept
simple moon and wave watercolor tattoo

and soft shades of Color!

beautiful moon watercolor tattoo on womans ditch of the arm
beautiful moon watercolor tattoo


magical moon tattoo for women with diamonds and crystals and delicate beading designs
magical moon tattoo for women

Diamond accents:

This moon features feminine details with delicate dot work and diamond accents!

delicate moon and crystals ankle tattoo with beading and strings design
delicate moon ankle tattoo with beading and crystals

Diamonds can be added as a simple minimalist shape...

minimalist geometric moon tattoo simple behind the ear on womans neck

soft color pin k moon tattoo with diamonds and jewels in the clouds

Or as Gorgeous feminine, realistic accents.

beautiful feminine crystal diamon moon tattoo in pastel colors

And can be an Excellent way to add vibrant colors into your design!

moon tattoo with feminine girly beads and sparkling diamond crystal in black and red colors


minimalist geometric moon and sun symbol tattoo design
minimalist geometric moon and sun tattoo


Geometric moon tattoos involve incorporating geometric shapes and patterns into the design of the moon tattoo.

gorgeous teal color moon and star geometric tattoo
gorgeous teal color geometric moon and star tattoo

traditional moon tattoo design in black and color  with flowers design
traditional moon tattoo design


This style is inspired by classic American tattoo art.

traditional black and grey linework moon tattoo with small flowers on womans lower leg

It often features bold outlines and bright colors, with a crescent moon as the main focus.

traditional moon tattoo in black and grey shading tattoos
traditional crying moon design linework with peony flowers
traditional crying moon tattoo linework design with peony flowers

simple moon and vine blackwork tattoo drawing design idea inspo

Vine Elements:

Minimalist simple black leaf vines can be added for a classy touch.

simple min imalist moon and vines tattoo design geometric symbol drawing idea inspo

Vines can be used in your design to add depth depth into your tattoo.

simple feminine moon and stars blackwork linework drawing design idea for women

A simple single vine encompassing a moon has a romantic feeling ...

beautiful delicate moon and peony flower with vine tattoo drawing design

This burst of vines has a Mandela feel.

moon vines mandala tattoo in soft grey color

Flowing vines , can be easily designed to accentuate your body's natural curves.

Just like this delicate moon and vine chest piece.

moon and vines chest tattoo for a woman under collarbone

Or this design, which would be equally beautiful on a woman's chest, or under her breasts.

feminine moon and vines tattoo design for under breast


Stars Element:

Create a gorgeous colour Lunar tattoo by adding dazzling white Stars ...

sparkling color moon and stars tattoo on womans chest under collarbone

Or add stars instead,

in an elegant,

blackwork style.

simple blackwork moon and stars tattoo design idea drawing
minimalist moon and stafrs tattoo design with realistic moon on chest tattoo

A simple blackwork star, will add a simple, beautiful detail, that is sure to accentuate your design, without taking away the focus on your moon.

minimalist linework moon and star tattoo on inner bicept upper arm

soft pastel color moon, stars and clouds tattoo for a women

Clouds Element:

Moon tattoos also look mesmerizing in soft shades of

pastel Color.

Add clouds for an added feature of softness.

moon and mandala linework tattoo design with feminine beading and crystals

Mandela element:

Spice up your gorgeous lunar tatoo

By incorporating An elegant mandala design.

soft moon and color flowers chest tattoo for women

Encorporate a few simple flowers into your perfect moon tattoo design, for an ultra-feminine design.

feminine small color moon chest tattoo with flower accent

A simple colourful sprig of flowers, allows the pastel Color of this moon tattoo, to look perfectly in place.

feminine moon and peony flower linework tattoo drawing design artwork inspo

Floral elements can be absolutely enchanting.

delicate lightly shaded moon and flower tattoo for women

Which look equally as romantic, only black ink...

thinly lined delicate linework flower and moon tattoo on wamand upper arm

bold blackwork moon and lily flower tattoo with feminine beading
bold feminine blackwork moon and lily flower tattoo drawing

minimalist moon and flower tattoo design sketch

blackwork moon and peony flower tattoo design with stars

or with a touch of Color...

Peony flower and moon tattoo with delicate beading for women

Selective Color tattoos like this Peony flower

, will draw your eyes to the ultra feminine accents of this tattoo design.

Shaded color realistic moon shadow tattoo in pastel color for women

Realistic Style:

This type of tattoo is designed to look like a real moon

vibrant color moon and forest scene tattoo

It includes detailed shading and texture to create a more natural look.

realistic black and grey moon tattoo drawing for men

bright colors moon and space tattoo on mans thigh

Go for a captivating design by adding bold, vivid and bright colors!


There are so many different ways to create a stunning moon tattoo!

small color moon and star tattoo for women on a womans hip

Write down your favorite styles and elements and use this article to articulate your perfect moon tattoo, to your tattooist!


Written by award winning Canadian tattoo artist ,Bella of Platinum Tattoo, in beautiful Kelowna Bc Canada.

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