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Tuesday Tattoo Consultation

  • 45 minutes
  • 3762 Lakeshore Road .Smack Dabs restaurant, Manteo Resort

Service Description

Discuss specifics such as style,,size and artistic elements too be incorporated in a casual atmosphere of your artists choice. Tattoo consultations are done on Tuesdays only. If you book another day, besides a Tuesday, your appointment i will be rebooked. Please bring all reference photos printed, as well as know, your upcoming availability, (including weekday times) for viewing your drawing at a scheduled date or for booking your tattoo date. We will go through specifics such as size and placement and details of your tattoo. All drawings/ tattoo dates require a deposit. Your tattoo artist will set a date with you that you can view your tattoo on that date or you can get your tattoo completed :-) It is Studio policy, that all tattoo drawings, remain in the tattoo studio. You are always welcome to bring your significant other or family members, during your tattoo consultation, or to view your tattoo drawings, on your scheduled appointment. Consultation appointments are only for large bodies of tattoo work such as sleeves , Backpieces, leg sleeves, half sleeves or any overly complex tattoo idea (ex. Coverup tattoos, giving the artist a theme for your tattoos (ex “angelic” chest piece) Consultations are not done for simple tattoo ideas (ex. A flower, a person, an object), or for any tattoos that are less than $300. If either of those are you, Bella will happily consult with you, over email or text. Bella looks forward to consulting with you and designing your Best Tattoo!

Cancellation Policy

Platinum Tattoo and artist Bella require a minimum of 7 days prior to your scheduled appointment , and your appointment able to be filled for any cancellations and schedule changes. Please be sure to give your artist adequate notice to fill your appointment, otherwise you will risk losing your deposit. Please call the studio at 7787471994 and make contact with your artist, if you need to reschedule. Bella will do her absolute best to fill it for you, so you can keep your deposit :)

Contact Details


appointment only 236 Leon Avenue, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6H9, CAN

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