12 Inspirational Solar System Tattoos

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

collected by Canadian tattoo artist : Bella of Platinum Tattoo, in beautiful Kelowna Bc Canada

The new"minimalist" tattoo style is here to stay :)
Minimalist tattoos feature clean, crisp, perfectly placed tattoo lines which are bold and meaningful.
When designed right and tattooed with a proper technique, minimalist tattoos are guaranteed to stand the test of time and age well in the skin.
Personally I am loving the use segmented tattoo lines to represent the planets orbital path around the sun.
Do you want a beautiful minimalist solar system tattoo as badly as I do? 🙂
If so, inbox me today! I will create your very own beautiful custom design, that you will love forever. ❤️🙂

Book your next minimalist tattoo at https://www.TattooPlatinum.com/tattoo-consultation-form .


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