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Custom Family Bees

I created these custom bees for a lovely client from out of town.

She wanted a father, mother and baby bee to represent her family. :)

Mama bee hods a magic wand.

Papa bee is outfitted with a tool belt and hammer.

Baby bee is accessorized with a heart necklace. I gave her big eyes because she is the baby bee.

I coloured the bees with Dermaglo pigment.




At Platinum Tattoo, I carry the full color line of Dermaglo pigment (color tattoo ink)


I choose to trust in and promote this High Quality brand of color pigment . Because in my opinion, and through my professional experience,  Dermaglo pigments are the brightest and best quality tattoo color ink that is available for professional purchase in the world. 


Ive personally viewed tattoos which I had tattooed 4 years earlier, that looked like I had just tattooed the piece , the day prior :) Since I have switched fully to this high quality line of color tattoo inks 5 years ago, every tattoo that I have viewed of mine since , appear just as vibrant as the day that I tattooed them. (Also due to my clients following all care instructions of course)


The cost of these pigments are substantially higher than the average top quality professional pigments, but they are definitely worth the higher price to me as a professional artist. :)


Dermaglo pigments are micro-dispersed. This allows me to color the tattoo quickly as the skin absorbs the tattoo pigment effortlessly. I find the my tattoos heal faster than conventional color inks. Tattoo artists also also find that the tattoo retains more pigment, heals faster and is far sharper and brighter than other conventional tattooing pigments. All Dermaglo inks are vegan friendly and contain no animal products. 

My clients spend their money and time, trusting me with their ideas, to create beautiful tattoos that last a lifetime. :) Therefore I make sure that I buy the best professional products available, to guarantee them the best, most vibrant, and brightest color tattoo! :)

You can read more about my chosen brand of color ink here https://www.tattooingsupplies.co.uk/index.php

Thanks for looking! :)

I look forward to receiving your Tattoo Idea Form 

so I can create your Dream Tattoo for you! :)

Tattoo Artist / Owner

Heather Gellately

Platinum Tattoo

Kelowna Bc Canada

Color Ink

Questions on the Booking Process?

Check out...

Recent leg sleeve by artist Heather Gellately

Posted Nov 28 2019

"My client from Edmonton Alberta, came across my work on instagram . Once he found out that my wait list was minimal and he could get an appointment within a few weeks, he booked 2 back-to-back full day tattoo sessions online on my Book Now page. He flew in from Edmonton Alberta. 

(After you click on the Book Now page, you choose your appointment day, and you will fill out a simple online tattoo consultation form. I get notified from my website of your booking, and draw your tattoo for your appointment day. There is extra time booked at your appointment for any changes that you may request. If I have any questions, I will make sure to give you a phone call :))

My client requested a

Pinup Girl in an Embrace for a Kiss with a Skeleton 

I was very excited to create this for him!

I drew up the skeleton in a pinstripe suit , embracing with a sexy pinup girl.

I freehanded in her hair and all of the background/forground around his ankle and up the back of his leg!

I absolutely LOVE how this leg sleeve turned out! :) 

(Please Note: The pinup girl’s face is freshly tattooed and therefore, very swollen, in the video.

all “light red” areas will heal - light grey

all “dark red” areas will heal- Dark grey

The swelling of the skin will distort pinup faces when fresh but she will heal beautifully!

I look forward to recieving Healed photos from my client and will be posting them)

Thank you very much for looking! :)

I Specialize in Pinup and Portrait Tattoos.

You can trust in me to do an absolutely AMAZING job on your tattoo idea and truly

Create your Best Tattoo!

I look forward to your Bookings!

much love <3 ."

-Heather Gellately


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