"Platinum Tattoo is an

Appointment Only tattoo studio.

I see clients on an appointment only basis.  


 "This is so I can fully focus on my tattoos! :)

And trust me, when it is Your Tattoo time,

you will appreciate my Full Attention that I am able to give you!

In many other busy tattoo studios, clients are constantly walking in and talking to your tattoo artist while you are in the tattoo chair getting tattooed.

Instead, at Platinum Tattoo,

you will benefit from my Full Attention !" :)

I do realize that I can be 

a hard girl to get a hold of on the phone .

Please remember, that when I am tattooing,

I do not answer the phone

as this wouldn't be fair

to my tattoo client in the tattoo chair.

I can best be reached by:

(in order of importance):

1) A tattoo appointment or a consultation appointment.

2) By  "Consultation Form" on this website

3) Text to 7782004792

4) Phone call (with voicemail message left)

Please feel free to Contact me!

"Although I am not currently able to offer walk-in availability to chat about tattoos,

I very much VALUE your business  :)

Thank you instead,

for using my

Easy Online Booking

to Streamline our Booking Process! :)

and If you are Contacting me, 

I will be sure to get back to you as soon as I can."


 ~ Tattoo Artist / Owner : Heather  Gellately

Thanks for submitting!

I am so very excited to Create your Dream Tattoo for you!"

~Heather  Gellately

Tattoo Artist / Owner